Flexible Horseshoes

Flexible Horseshoes by Nanoflex, Inc.

Eazy Shoe

Nanoflex, flexible horseshoes are the premier nano composite footwear developed for the wellness, agility, speed as well as longevity of your equine. Our footwear are developed to benefit any type of steed by utilizing high tech nano polyurethane materials to create a shoe which can flex with the hoof. It is constructed for softer pad on the sole side to supply healthful all-natural support while staying clear of any type of pressure points on the frog or sole of the hooves.

Time examined and also designed to benefit long term use on horses in all pursuits, from International efficiency and also race equines, to trail equines.

Backed by research study and also solid design concepts supported by over 15 years of evidence-based soundness.

Engineered for balanced versatility.

The Nanoflex, versatile horseshoe system has been very successful for efficiency horses, but is likewise the most effective option for restorative situations– laminitis, navicular syndrome, as well as other hoof pathologies. Steeds of all self-controls have tried as well as enjoyed the Nanoflex, versatile horseshoes. Whether it be a western event, dressage, path, endurance, eventing, ranching, or just a pleasure trip; the Nanoflex, flexible horseshoes provides an equine unmatched comfort by simulating the conditions under which steeds would naturally keep their hooves.

Company Information:

Name: John Filipelli

Email: sales@nanoflexinc.com

Organization: Nanoflex, Inc.

Address: South Florida Trotting Center: 7563 State Road 7, Lake Worth FL 33449, USA

Phone: (954) 857-6337















How to Put Horse Shoes on Horses

Easy Boot Glove

Stop horsin' around and start creating a memorable horse birthday party for your little wranglers that they are sure to enjoy. Check out our ideas for invitations, decorations, and party games to help make your equestrian celebration shine!


Using a die-cut horse or horseshoe as a pattern, cut these out of tan cardstock to form your invitation. Using a gel pen, write out your party details in calligraphy. On one side write, "Gallop! Don't Trot on Over for a Rootin' Tootin' Wild Horse Birthday Party! On the reverse side, write all of the following party details:

Big, Bad Birthday Roundup On: (date and time of party)
Meet Us At The O.K. Coral Located At: (address of party)
R.S.V.P. To The Stable Boy/Girl: (parent's name & phone #)


Using a little imagination, creativity, and lots of horse-themed decorations, ya'll be able to rope in your little fillies and colts in no time. We reckon some of the following decorations will strike your fancy:

  • As guests arrive, send them over to the branding station where they will be identified as V.I.P.G.'s (Very Important Party Goers) with a special "branding" iron. Use rubber stamps or tattoos.
  • Decorate ceilings with 2 different colored twisted streamers and clusters of balloons with curling ribbons.
  • Use horseshoes as a balloon weight to display floor balloon bouquets throughout room.
  • Cover your party tables with burlap and sprinkle strands of hay on top, like you would confetti, and tie off the corners using licorice laces.
  • Create a Bryer horse display in the center of your table using a few horses, along with some mini hay bales, fencing, and horse tack. Attach a bouquet of balloons in the center.

    Hold your horses! We reckon it's time for some horse play!

    Horseshoes - For older kids use real horseshoes and for younger kids use plastic or rubber horseshoes or make horseshoe rings from rope.

    Stack Them Cubes! - Each wrangler has a pile of sugar cubes. When you say "Giddy-up" wranglers race to build the tallest stack of sugar cubes in a timed period.

    Horse Race - Create a life-size "game board" in your yard using carpet squares. Lay them out in a Candyland Game fashion. Add a few obstacles like saw horses, galvanized buckets, bales of hay, etc. then have all your horsies (guests) compete to the finish line. Write numbers 0-3 on index cards, along with a command like gallop, trot, run, canter, whinny, neigh. As the cards are drawn, they move forward the number of spaces on the card, while performing command. For example, move forward 2 spaces while trotting.

    Have fun! Yippie-Ki-Aye!